style and quality Comparable to Designer wedding dresses
up to 50% off regular wholesale prices
For bridal retailers only

The first of my samples arrived about a week ago- good quality and attention to detail. Very pleased. The best part is the reception they have been getting from my clients. I haven’t found anything else in this price range that has this much detail and design.

My brides are thrilled, and so am I!
— Kathryn S. | Owner of Bridal Village, Colorado

About Us

Premium Bridal Factory is a group of leading factories who have been producing wedding gowns and formal wear for more than 3 decades. We help bridal shops and formal wear retailers directly access factories and purchase amazing dresses comparable to designer brands for the fraction of the wholesale price.


Los Angeles Showroom

We currently have a showroom in California, where you can see and feel the quality of our wedding dresses in person. Our Showroom is exclusively open to Authorized Retailers that have a Resale Number or Tax ID. Please feel free welcome to visit!



Our Dresses

Our dress collection is created with optimization in mind. We create our quarterly collection based on the data we acquire through factories and our retailer partners. We design dresses that are bridal favorites; that way, you will always pick dresses that will sell.

We are more than a bridal gown manufacturer,
we offer a revolutionary solution for bridal retailers to make profits.



You shouldn't be running your business all on your own. Your business should be cared for and supported, without even a piece of worry. We want you to sit back and enjoy your wedding gown business. That is exactly why we launched the Partner Engagement Program. By becoming our partner, you will enjoy many benefits without having to take risks. 

• $199 Monthly for First 3 Samples
 •Additional Piece Monthly Fee for $49
•Free Shipping to Stores in USA
 • Saving 20%+ on Reorder Price
 • No Limits on Sample Replenish
• No Style Discontinuation
 • Factory Direct Reorder Price starting from $299
 • Style and Quality Comparable to Designer Brands
and Many More Benefits


Lessons Bridal Shops Can Learn from Alfred Angelo’s Bankruptcy


The latest buzzing news has wreaked havoc in the wedding industry. The seemingly “unthinkable” has happened. Alfred Angelo, one of the largest bridal brands has gone bankrupt within a very short span. What is left behind is not only disappointed brides, hurrying to find a great wedding dress, but the retailers who are victim of unhealthy industry practices.

This will not be the last occurrence. Alfred Angelo’s bankruptcy should be no surprise. In hindsight, we can see how unbalanced the power dynamics between brands and the small shops that carry them are; brands like Alfred Angelo require small bridal shops to make large investments and carry more dresses than they can handle in their inventories whereas they take large risks by producing dresses that are not guaranteed to sell. Most brands think that as long as the shops buy their goods, it’s OK, they make their money, and whether bridal shops get to sell them to brides or not is their more