The Wedding Industry is One of the Safest : Here's Why

Every year, more people are entering the wedding industry. Although data suggests that fewer people are getting married, the wedding industry is thriving. Here are some reasons why the wedding industry is one of the safest ones and why you too, should consider entering.

The wedding industry is one of the safest and most stable ones to work in.

The wedding industry is one of the safest and most stable ones to work in.

1) Increased Purchasing Power

Although fewer people are getting married, couples are choosing to get married at a much later age, where they are financially more stable. This allows people working in the industry to offer high quality goods so that couples can enjoy their special day the best way possible. Nowadays vendors can work with couples who have higher budgets that are unprecedented compared to a decade ago.

2) Huge Diversity

Although there is a lot of competition, everyone can find their own niche. It is true that a lot of people are entering the industry, but not every couple is purchasing the same stuff. In fact, couples thrive to have a unique experience. Vendors diversify their products and make sure that they have their own style. With thousands of potential clients, there is certainly someone who will think that you were a great match.

3) Weddings Still Matter

Weddings have remained desirable thanks to the enthusiasm on Media. Be it on television or on the internet, or even on print, marriages and weddings are still large celebrations, although couples increasingly choose to cohabitate. The beauty, the tradition, and notably the wedding are still pillars of society and people genuinely care about the ceremony. Weddings are here to stay, and as human population increases, the industry is bound to thrive.

4) Easier to Advertise than Ever

Thanks to social media, your products may become famous. A picture can spread like wildfire, with hundreds of brides desiring similar products. With a small budget, small businesses can easily advertise their business on social media. By using the power of images, wedding business owners have exposure that they never had before.

5) Supportive Networks

The industry is so large that many vendors in the same region collaborate with each other. A wedding dress boutique may refer the bride to a florist, or a venue may help the couple find the ideal wedding organizer. Moreover, the industry is shifting towards a work ethic where suppliers help retailers thrive and grow their business. Most designer brands just aim at selling as many samples as they can to retailers with very vulnerable cash flow. Whether retailers get to sell these samples does not concern them at all. Premium Bridal Factory for example, takes a complete opposite line. No minimum requirements, optimized inventory, and a supportive factory makes wedding dress vendors feel secure. Bridal boutiques can now handle inventory in a manageable manner.

To conclude, the wedding industry is a fairly safe one to enter. If you want to learn more about us, click here

Bridal Boutiques Love This Wholesaler, Here's Why

We have many happy clients across the globe; we are happy to reach out to so many people, and so many bridal boutiques. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer to work with us as a wholesale, factory direct wedding gown supplier.

High Quality Wedding Gowns at Affordable Prices

Premium Bridal Factory provides wedding gowns that directly come from the manufacturer. Because we are a factory direct wedding gown wholesaler, we have control over the entire manufacturing process and can offer reduced prices without having to compromise our gowns' quality. 

No Middlemen

Given that our supply chain is much shorter, you won't have to pay extra fees to middlemen. Most bridal boutiques have problems with cash flow due to increased costs from wedding gown wholesalers; Premium Bridal Factory is the ultimate solution to this problem. We genuinely believe that small business owners should thrive, and that they deserve affordable prices for their bridal boutique.

Fashionable Samples, Proven Track Record

Given that our production capabilities are very high and that we have a vast clientele, we are able to gather data about the most fashionable wedding gowns. We create our collections based on bestsellers that boost sales. Because you won't have dead inventory lying around in your shop, this will help you manage the dresses you carry in a much easier way.


We provide customization services if need be, to boutiques who are willing to create collections that are no like other, for further inquiries, please contact us.



This Business Model Will Transform the Bridal Industry for the Better

The conventional way of stocking up your bridal shop is the source of complaint for many. Especially if you are a small bridal store, the odds that you are managing your inventory the old way is really high.

The conventional way of purchasing wedding gowns for your bridal shop, is rather counterintuitive, and full of risks.

First of all, bridal brands will ask you to purchase a lot of wedding dresses. Usually you will be asked to buy way more bridal gowns than you had intended to have in your shop. Whether the unsold gowns gather up dust in your shop or not, ends up being your problem, and not theirs.

Second, as if their survival didn't depend on your retail success, many designer labels will ask you to prove that you are "worthy" for them. This is a very common tactic, because it convinces shop owners that it is a privilege to carry their dresses, whereas these brands can not survive without small shops.

Lastly, there is a lot of pressure put on bridal shops so that they can maintain their "distributor" status. On the other hand, promises such as territorial protection are oftentimes not kept. We have listened to many horror stories about such malpractices, and have seen bridal shops switch to working with us after being badly burnt by such problems.

Premium Bridal Factory offers a completely different alternative. We make sure that you can grown in a healthy manner, and improve your cash flow. We never ask for bridal shops to purchase minimum amounts, and we aim to help them melt down their inventory by guiding them to our bestsellers. In a business model where there are not that many returning customers, this seems to be the best choice, both for the wholesalers, and the retailers. Moreover, we make sure that we keep our word in terms of territorial protection, because we want our bridal shops to thrive, and become highly lucrative; not only for the sake of retailers, or wholesalers, but for the sake of the survival of the entire industry.

Contact us to learn more about our opportunities. We would love to open the doors to a brand new world, where bridal retailers can relax, and become as successful as they used to.

Here's Why the Bridal Industry Needs to Change

It's been less than two months since Alfred Angelo filed for bankruptcy. The sudden news has not only devastated brides who trusted the brand, but also all the boutiques who carried Alfred Angelo wedding gowns. 

There are many reasons why wedding dress brands are struggling. First and foremost, the way wedding gowns are supplied is highly unsustainable. Most wholesalers and brands try to sell wholesale in large quantities, regardless of the amount of dresses small bridal shops can handle. This causes great trouble to many bridal shops who have a limited cash flow. With bridal shops struggling, both manufacturers and wholesalers are self-sabotaging by forcing them into purchasing minimums. 

Second, there are way too many knock-offs being sold online now. As an industry, we have to fight and compete against them. Staying true to oneself, not cutting corners, never compromising the quality of dresses seem to be great solutions to this problem.

We believe that purchasing and selling wedding gowns, shouldn't be a source of stress and financial risk for bridal shops. That is exactly why we supply wedding gowns through a brand new business model. Although our strategy is rather unconventional and out of ordinary, we truly believe that we will be pioneers in the industry, and make a change. By daring to be bold, we genuinely believe that we can make a positive change, and thrive symbiotically. Manufacturers and wholesalers should team up with retailers if they genuinely want to survive.

Premium Bridal Factory is a factory-direct wholesaler who helps bridal shops carry beautiful high quality wedding dresses at the fraction of the conventional price. To learn more, check out our website.

4 Things That Differentiate Us From Other Bridal Wholesalers

1) We are Small Business Friendly

Unlike many wholesalers and designer labels, Premium Bridal Factory believes that all boutiques deserve to thrive and make profits. We're not here to force you into purchasing more wedding gowns than you can handle. We want each and every one of our clients to be able to carry as many or as few bridal gowns as they desire. Our flexible (and very affordable) packages allow many small scale shops to thrive at an unprecedented pace.  

2) No Minimums

Premium Bridal Factory believes that the main reason why wedding retailers are having trouble is because they are forced to carry too many gowns, most of which end up not becoming bestsellers or favorites. Having to make educated guesses about seasonal trends create a lot of stress on shop owners. We allow bridal shops to carry the wedding dresses they like, and diversify their inventory for a very small price. This way, bridal boutique owners can focus on what matters; offering an excellent service to happy brides.

3) Sustainable Business Practices

The industry is full of practices that have become unsustainable for business owners. The latest Alfred Angelo meltdown, illustrates how fragile the industry actually is. Knockoff wedding gowns, compromising the quality of dresses, overproducing models that end up piling up in boutiques, and excessive sales have all contributed to the problem. Here at Premium Bridal Factory, we believe that wedding dress wholesalers and manufacturers shouldn't let bridal shops carry all the burden. We believe that for a healthy industry, everyone needs to have a fair share of the profits. We want to make sure that bridal boutiques are successful, our relationship is not a one-way one, but a symbiotic one.

4) We Help Bridal Boutiques Achieve Their Goals

Many bridal shops struggle due to their expenses; usually caused by unsustainable inventories. Bridal shops are oftentimes forced into purchasing too many dresses because they want to carry certain labels. But the truth is, designer labels are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Carrying expensive labels, with difficult to meet requirements prevent bridal shops from making profits. Our aim is to change the status quo, and enable bridal boutiques to achieve their full potential.

Premium Bridal Factory is a factory-direct wholesaler who helps bridal shops carry beautiful high quality wedding dresses at the fraction of the conventional price. To learn more, check out our website.

Lessons Bridal Shops Can Learn from Alfred Angelo’s Bankruptcy

The latest buzzing news has wreaked havoc in the wedding industry. The seemingly “unthinkable” has happened. Alfred Angelo, one of the largest bridal brands has gone bankrupt within a very short span. What is left behind is not only disappointed brides, hurrying to find a great wedding dress, but the retailers who are victim of unhealthy industry practices.

This will not be the last occurrence. Alfred Angelo’s bankruptcy should be no surprise. In hindsight, we can see how unbalanced the power dynamics between brands and the small shops that carry them are; brands like Alfred Angelo require small bridal shops to make large investments and carry more dresses than they can handle in their inventories whereas they take large risks by producing dresses that are not guaranteed to sell. Most brands think that as long as the shops buy their goods, it’s OK, they make their money, and whether bridal shops get to sell them to brides or not is their problem.

The problem with this type of business model is that if bridal shops are vulnerable and do not have a viable income, bridal factories as well as bridal brands can not survive either. We fear that Alfred Angelo will not be a single, exceptional case, it might even cause a domino effect that might sweep hundreds of bridal boutiques out of business.

Many bridal shop owners think it’s safer to work with well-known bridal manufacturers and become authorized dealers. In fact the illusion of “playing it safe” is no longer the reality. The old business model is no longer viable, nor is it reliable. Bridal shops should consider working with factory-direct wedding wholesalers; the ones who actually produce the high quality wedding dresses. This is not only cost effective, but also minimizes the risks of a sudden discontinuation of certain wedding dresses. Partnering with factory-direct wedding dress wholesalers not only maximizes profits; it also allows everyone in the industry to thrive together. In this relationship, there is no exploitation involved, this type of business model is symbiotic and mutually beneficial.

As Premium Bridal Factory we are highly aware that the wedding industry is shifting dramatically. In order to survive together, we offer radical changes that prioritizes the profits of the bridal boutique, rather than the other way round. As an industry, let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past; let’s try something new. Countless boutiques across the US have started to reevaluate the way they stock up their inventory, and have started working with Premium Bridal Factory. This is no surprise, given that our business model is more lucrative for bridal shops. We invite you to join the movement. Let’s make the wedding industry a less vulnerable one together.

Premium Bridal Factory’s Open Letter to Bridal Retailers Affected by Alfred Angelo’s Bankruptcy

As Premium Bridal Factory, we are deeply saddened by Alfred Angelo’s bankruptcy and sudden shutdown. The repercussions of the disappearance of a major bridal brand will not only be felt by brides, but also hundreds of retailers who paid a fortune, invested, and carried Alfred Angelo’s wedding dresses. This also has a large effect on bridal factories, in cases like thee, all parties suffer. All this indicates that we have to work as a team, and change the industry.

This once again reinforces Premium Bridal Factory’s stance against large brands exploiting small bridal boutiques and forcing them to purchase more samples than they need. Premium Bridal Factory believes that industry practices need to change, and that small bridal shops and all forms of bridal retailers should have the flexibility to purchase as many or as few samples as they’d like.

As the wedding industry, we can only survive by supporting each other. That is why our business models allows bridal boutiques to take as little risk as possible, all the while maximizing profits. This allows small bridal retailers to optimize their cash flow; we care about your viability and profitability; without bridal retailers, factory-direct brands can not exist.

Premium Bridal Factory would like to send their sincerest sympathies to anyone who has been affected by Alfred Angelo’s bankruptcy. We are here to offer our help and support. If there is anything we can do (fast delivery, offering alternatives to disappointed brides, or more), please feel free to contact us. We are willing to step in, for the survival of the industry.

Unlike most factory-direct wedding dress wholesalers, Premium Bridal Factory can deliver dresses within 3 months rather than 6 months. We provide high quality wedding dresses for the fraction of the price of other wholesalers given that we cut out the middlemen. We are based in Santa Fe, California, and provide local services; this differentiates us from other factory-direct wholesalers, this way we provide faster communication as well as in-person meetings when needed.

If you have been affected by Alfred Angelo’s shutdown, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish everyone all the best, we are in this together,

Premium Bridal Factory

Bridal Entrepreneur 101 : Finding the Right Wedding Dress Wholesaler for Your Bridal Boutique

Every year, hundreds of small bridal shops open across the US. Very few business  owners are lucky to combine their passion with making money. And the timing for becoming a bridal entrepreneur has never been better.

Running a small shop is a challenging business, with many rewards. According to the US census bureau, the annual number of US marriages exceeds 2 million. Although there is a lot of competition, there definitely is some room to grow.

The best part is that the level of entry to start a well stocked shop with a diverse collection is easier than ever. Now you can provide high quality wedding dresses of all shapes and sizes, for the fraction of a price than it used to. Nowadays, you don't have to pull out huge loans just to create a viable wedding dress inventory, you can easily purchase wholesale wedding dresses without having to pay ridiculously high minimum fees. Many wedding dress companies put too much pressure on small wedding shops to buy more than they can handle, and ask for unrealistic sales numbers. Small town bridal shops, both old and new know the problem too well.

The solution is to find a supplier who you can trust. Wedding dress wholesalers should be supporting you, and empowering you. That is why we truly believe that designer wedding gown wholesalers need to change the way they have created the supply chain. 

Premium Bridal Factory is a factory-direct wedding wholesaler that supplies high quality wedding dresses at amazing prices. Based in Santa Fe Springs, CA, we are small-business friendly and ship all across the US. 

5 Great Pieces of Business Advice for Small-Scale Bridal Shops

It will be almost a decade since the 2008 financial crisis. Hundreds of businesses are getting back up on their feet, and many more are popping up in your neighborhood. Everyone looks extremely optimistic nowadays, which is great news ! 

With the power of the internet, small business owners can start making money very fast, often without having to invest too much. In fact, there has never been a better time in humanity to be successful. 

We work with hundreds of small bridal boutiques across the US, and time after time, we have seen shops succeeding and growing within the span of a few years. Here's what the most successful shops do differently. 

1) Have a Website

A website can increase your bridal shop sales.

A website can increase your bridal shop sales.

Bridal boutiques that get the most visits are the ones who have online presence. Having a website is a must in our day and age, and it significantly improves your image. You will look more professional, and brides can get all the information they want through your website. The best part is, you can actually encourage them to visit you by sharing catalogs, testimonials, as well as real brides' pictures. Having a website is a very empowering experience because you have full control over how you want to present yourself. Nowadays, it is fairly affordable to get a website built, you can even get a drag and drop service and build your own.

2) Be active on Social Media


Even large corporations are doing it. Social media is free, and it brings out a friendlier side of your business. Wedding dress shopping can be intimidating, you can easily reassure brides, and make them feel welcome. Using social media also provides a great opportunity for exposure. If a wedding magazine follows you, or likes one of your pictures, chances are that they might share your content. This increases the odds that other people will see you, hence more potential customers. Being active, and keeping a friendly and welcoming manner does wonders to Bridal Businesses across the US. Try using social media at least 2-3 times a week. Be sure to respond to all customer reactions. Don't forget, Twitter is great for spontaneous reactions, Instagram is great for image sharing, and Facebook is like Yellow Pages, brides can find everything about your company, as well as scroll through your albums. A small shout out, some photographs, sweet notes makes all the difference. 

3) Optimize Cash Flow

Hundreds of bridal shops tell us that their biggest struggle when running their small bridal business is the cash flow. With so many companies charging large sums, and off seasons throughout the winter, some bridal boutiques find themselves struggling during less popular months. Find wholesalers, bridal suppliers who make sure that you make the most profits from your inventory. Make sure that you are working with companies that are not straining your cash flow through very hard to meet Minimum Purchasing Requirements. Optimize your cash flow if you want to optimize your profits.

4) Spend Wisely

With so much competition in the bridal industry, you might feel tempted to redecorate your bridal boutique, refurnish the changing area, or even spend thousands of dollars on a new logo. All these sound great if your business is growing, and if you are making a lot of profits, we strongly encourage you to do so. 

However, we have seen many bridal boutiques who see visual changes in the shop as an "investment", way before they are making sustainable profits. Stick with the essentials, if you think your shop's lighting is dim, renew the light bulbs with brighter ones, the old carpet looks outdated? Get it cleaned instead of replacing it (unless it's terribly ruined), put colorful rugs on top to bring out a bohemian vibe. Spending wisely, optimizing your profits is the way to success. 

Of course, your shop should look clean, welcoming, and comfortable, however, do not spend more than you earn, and don't invest in things that will guarantee profits. Spending wisely means never cutting corners on the dresses, choosing high quality, affordable inventory, a friendly staff with expertise, and much more. Don't forget; brides are here to buy the dresses, not your shop's wallpaper, carpet and decor.

5) Have a Manageable Inventory

Hundreds of bridal boutiques we talk to, complain about minimum purchasing requirements. They tell us that they end up buying more dresses than their shop can actually carry, just to stay eligible with certain wedding dress wholesalers. This is exactly why we never charge minimums, and allow bridal shops to choose as many or as few dresses as they like. Don't stock up dresses that you can't sell, only to end up having to make 5 flash sales or trunk events per year. 

To conclude, as Premium Bridal Factory, a leading factory-direct wedding dress wholesaler, we know hard you work. Don't let companies exploit you. Find bridal dress companies that will support you, and maximize your profits. We wish you the best of luck in this adventure!

Premium Bridal Factory is a factory-direct wedding dress wholesaler. We are located in Santa Fe Springs CA, and ship all over to the US. Our aim is to create a sustainable business model for the entire bridal industry. We dream of a wedding industry that supports wedding dress shops of all scales because we know that if bridal boutiques thrive, manufacturers will also benefit from it. To learn more, browse our website. 

What Makes Premium Bridal Factory Different than Other Wedding Dress Wholesalers?

Many bridal boutiques feel overwhelmed. There are tons of wholesalers out there, and it's hard to choose the right one. Here are 5 things our company does differently. 

1) We Cut Out the Middlemen

Premium Bridal Factory is a factory-direct business model. That is why we are able to provide high quality wedding dresses at a favorable price. Other companies that are not factory direct have to hire a large number of staff as well as many middlemen; that's why their samples are marked up higher than they should be. Our prices help small business owners maximize their profits. Now with Premium Bridal Factory you can pay for the dresses, and nothing else. 

2) No Minimum Fees

We believe that the bridal industry can only thrive if bridal boutique owners are happy. We have seen too many small bridal shop owners struggling because of the outrageous minimum purchasing requirements. Each season, too many companies are trying to sell as many samples as they can, without caring about how the boutiques will manage such a large inventory. All these wholesalers care about is making profits. Premium Bridal Factory is different. We want bridal boutiques to improve their cash flow, manage their inventory in a healthy way, and thrive. For us, your existence is essential for the entire industry. Without bridal boutiques, there is no bridal industry to protect. We are here to protect and help you make the best of your shop. 

3) We are located at Santa Fe Springs, CA

And we ship all across the USA. Our showroom is easily accessible, so that bridal shop owners can come and see our gorgeous collection in person. See the quality of our dresses with your own eyes.

4) High Quality Fabrics, Impeccable Craftsmanship

The fact that we have affordable wholesale wedding dresses doesn't mean we have to compromise the quality of the wedding dresses (we explained earlier that the reason why we are so affordable is because there are no middlemen and we are a factory direct wedding dress wholesaler). Wedding dresses have to be impeccable, anything less than that is unacceptable for us. We only use the best fabrics and the best materials. Our craftsmanship is impeccable, we seek perfection in our wholesale wedding dresses at all times. 

5) Carefully Curated Collection to Maximize Profits

Each season, we gather data from the bridal stores we work with as well as our factory. We determine the bestsellers of the year and are able to predict future bestselling wedding dresses accurately. We create collections that are guaranteed to make sales. We curate our wedding dress collection meticulously so that you can relax, choose the dresses that suit your boutique's style without having to worry about whether it will end up taking up space in your shop, only to be ignored by brides. Each of our dresses has the potential to become a bestseller. That is why Premium Bridal Factory is increasingly becoming the first choice of many bridal boutiques around the USA.

Want to learn more? Contact us today.