Over the past few years, the bridal wear industry has been changing dramatically.
Increasingly more bridal shops realize that old methods no longer work in order to survive in the challenging economy. 

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High minimum orders, seasonal purchasing requirements, and increasing sample costs are deteriorating cash flow, hurting profits and weakening price competitiveness. This is a race to the bottom. Premium Bridal Factory is fully aware that bridal shops should have full control over how their business runs in order to survive and compete with online rivals.

Take full control over how your business runs to survive

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Brides find their dream dresses mainly through a first hand bridal shopping experience provided by professionals. Bridal shops are key to provide helpful consultations and a great shopping experience. Bridal shops should also be able to run their businesses by owning their own label dresses for their clients.

launching Your own private label to empower Your business 

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Premium Bridal Factory is being increasingly recognized as one of the leaders in the bridal wear industry. What’s even better is that we have private labeling services for those who aim to present their own bridal collections and bridal dress brands to their clientele. There are increasingly more bridal shop partners joining the revolution and launching their own private labels to empower their businesses.

Our private labeling service offer our store partners more than a great price on quality, unique designs.
We also offer creative benefits,  that includes:

• No Minimum Orders, Purchase Any Quantity Any Time  
• No Seasonal Purchase Requirement
• Free Shipping
• 100% Quality Guarantee   
• Optional 6 month Payment Plan
• Sample Discount Program  
• Gowns Ranging in Price from $299-$799
Real-time Customer Service from Our Los Angeles Based Showroom and Warehouse Facility.

If you are interested in knowing more about how our Private Labeling service can grow your bridal shop business, please fill out our partner register form below. Our sales team will contact you shortly. If your business is located outside of the United States, please click the International Register Form.